Goals for 2015

(Photo taken of me by Stephanie Anne Overstreet Photography)

As 2014 is coming to an end and presents are getting wrapped, I am finishing up my 2014 galleries and preparing to move to Humboldt County!! After telling my close family and friends the “BIG NEWS”, I recently announced on social media that I will be moving back to my hometown in mid-January.

AHHH!!! I’m so excited!!

This past year I didn’t just have one job, but FIVE! (YIKES IS RIGHT!!) Working so much and trying to grow a successful business at the same time was draining and at moments I felt As though I was sinking. I had a never ending “to-do-list” that at times was multiple pages long, and as I crossed off one thing I would continuously add two more. Once I announced I was moving I put my two weeks in at my jobs, and started putting all my hours into my business. I booked a wedding within one week of putting all my effort into my business instead of catching up on the lack of sleep from working 50+ hours.

I am super excited about the next chapter in my life, and feel moving will help grow my success in the photography industry. I have been spending all this month on the business side of my company to help give my clients the best experience possible for the following year as I pursue into being a full time photographer. First order of business was the re-launched my new website and blog, which I hope you all love it as much as I do.

Today I sat here I looked over my goals for 2014 and looked over some of my very first sessions. All I can say is WOW, and Thank You to everyone who believed in me!! I booked way more than I ever thought was possible in my first year in business and had the chance to work with so many amazing and talented photographers!

I love making goals and speaking to others about their dreams because I believe as long as you hustle that every goal and dream is up to YOU and YOU only, and they are always POSSIBLE!

My goals for 2015 (besides the obvious of losing all my nasty fat) are:

  • Blog more personal posts about my adventures and daily happenings
  • Go to WPPI again
  • Teach clients about the importance of printing their photos instead of having it backed up on their computer only to never be seen.
  • Walk my dogs more and become a better dog mommy. 🙂
  • Send in work to be featured.
  • Travel MORE!  (5 states and 2 countries)
  • Create a blog series.
  • Develop stronger relationships with my family members.
  • Continue to book weddings in different locations around the Unites States and Internationally.
  • Add polaroid’s and film into my company branding or adventures.
  • Create a custom experience for all my clients.
  • Attend a workshop by a photographer who I admire.
  • Build up the new Northwest Shoot and Meet division and continue to help grow the SoCal division, which has reached over 700 photographers! (woot woot!)


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